About the calculations

The central government budget revenue and expenditures are based on the government's proposal for budget 2012.

The main assumption in all of the calculations is that the tax base is equally distributed for all expenditures and fe. alcohol tax is not used just for health care expenditures.

The total tax sum given by Verokuitti is also an estimation and many assumptions are used to get there. Your real taxes paid depends on your personal consumption behavior and living standards and your abilit to deduct your personal taxes.

Income is assumed to be taxed by the normal income tax brackets without any deductions. Capital gains taxes are calculated similarly.

No municipal or church taxes are calculated in any way other than as money not being used for consumption, however it would great to see one's municipal tax receipts as well. For these purposes the municipal tax is assumed to be 19,25% and church tax 0%.

The calculation also excludes some taxes like interest income tax and inheritance tax. "Sugar tax" is also left out because it is difficult to estimate on a tax-payer level.


Many public, open sources were used to build this service.

The central government budget revenue and expenditures come straight from Ministry of Finance's budget site. More specifically, we have used the Government's proposal for central government budget for 2012. We have excluded expenditures that are paid by other than tax revenus (Veikkaus, RAY, EU, …). Even though the Ministry of Finance's site are pretty great, extracting the data was a bit laborious. For others interested in the numbers, here is the raw budget data as a CSV document.

The Tax Authority's site includes information on income tax brackets as well as municipal and church tax rates. The latter have been deducted from tax payer's income so that we get more accurate net income. We do not have the resources to calculate tax receipts for municipalities' and churches' expenditures. These will be left for the future.

Statistics Finland and Eurostat were important sources for our estimations on living costs and savings rates.

Finnish Transport Safety Agency was a great source for road tax, average consumptions and emissions. Similarly Customs' website was a source for excise taxes. The numbers for alcohol consumption came from National Institute for Health and Welfare. Eletricity consupmtion figures came from Vattenfall.

Data for our featured tax receipts are from the tax year 2009 and can be found either from Taloussanomat or Helsingin Sanomat. We have guesstimated the indirect taxes, and we are more than welcome to fix any erroneous figures.

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