About the service

The government's budget numbers are so senslessly large that they are almost meaningless. The money the state spends is nonetheless your and our money, so we believe that it is good to be aware how it is being spent. Verokuitti tells you in an everday way how you have contributed to the various branches of government.

Our objective with Verokuitti was to create a discussion on how the government spends money. We have no political agenda.

This service was just an idea until the Apps4Finland competition gave us enough motivation to make this a reality.


Pär Österlund (@ParOsterlund]) is a seasoned sales and marketing expert. He owns a Boston Terrier.

Kari Silvennoinen (@ksilvennoinen) mines data for a living. He owns a Swedish Vallhund.

Jon Haglund drew the layout. Jon owns a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Contact information

If you have any questions or want to give us feedback, you can contact Pär through email [email protected].

Legal disclaimer: Eventhough you support the West Metro project with your tax money, this is not a sufficient explanation if you are caught without ticket on public transporation.