Frequently Asked Questions

How does Verokuitti calculate the taxes?

Verokuitti does not just calculate income and capital gains taxes, which represent just a fraction of central government's revenues, but also includes indirect taxes such as VAT. If you only entered monthly income on the front page, we estimate other taxes using it as a benchmark. A more detailed explanation on how we calculated the receipt can be found here.

My income is so low that I don't pay any taxes to the central government. Why does Verokuitti still claim I do?

See the previous question. Through consupmtion you pay VAT which generates a significant amount of revenue to the government, on average 24% of anything you buy.

Verokuitti calculates my taxes wrong!

See the previous questions. If you want to make your tax calculation more accurate, enter also the additional information on the front page. Your actual tax payments depend on your personal consumption behavior and your standard of living. If you still think Verokuitti calculates taxes wrong, please be in touch!

What's with the Åland Islands?

The Åland Islands have a special status as an autonomous region and for that reason they are treated a bit differently in the central government's budget.

Why is so much/little money spent on X?

Please refer to your member of parliament.

Why doesn't the government have this kind of a service?

That is a very good question.

Why is this in English but not in Swedish?

Because there has so far not been any financial incentive for us to do a Swedish version. Let us know if you know how that could be fixed.